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...Simulacrum addresses the anxieties created by an increasingly technological world, and the subsequent humanity of such anxiety. -- I CARE IF YOU LISTEN


...Wang mingles baroque tinged phrases with amorphous cosmic rhythms maintaining the distinction of each in a grippingly harmoniously manner. -- SCHMOPERA


...Ms. Wang visited The Summit on Feb. 8 to discuss her compositional process, display her working drafts and explain... 


...Last week we hosted four composers from out of town, holding rehearsal-workshops and performing their music as part of the EarShot program run by the American Composers Orchestra. It was a fantastic experience...

-- Courtney Lewis


[New York Lounge 纽约会客室]


New York Lounge is a 30-minute celebrity interview program that airs Mondays through Thursdays at 11 PM. The show is hosted by TV personality, Lin Tan.

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